Yahoo: Position Eligibility Alert

Here we go again

Last season Yahoo had announced that it would be adjusting player positions to all NHL players back to they're original positions according to they're discretion . They started the 2017 season with very few players having eligibility in dual positions.

As the season progressed, they added eligibility to certain players, but not as they generously did in the past.

This season, they have informed us that they will be again starting off the same way, not promising they will be adding eligibility to players that had the luxury last year.

How does this effect our teams?

Going into The Draft, we are forced to fill our Rosters according to Positions.

(The Rosters have all been updated Online as of today, so you can see the new positions of your players in the proper spot.)

In the past few years, in order to help deal with the issue, we have allowed a few weeks to accept Rosters who have players out of positions (usually on your bench) to continue on, but I will be on top of it, so it would be wise to deal with the issue soon as possible.

Future Eligibility

As the season goes on, and Yahoo adds eligibility to Players, I will instantly update them on your Rosters, but it will be listed on the Yahoo site on your Rosters Team Page.

Drop Day

Please be aware of this issue going into Drop Day, this will help you in deciding who your Keepers will be going into The Draft. 

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