What's With The N/A Situation?

N/A Players

N/A Players,(Not Available) Players, are labeled this way to determine they are not playing in the NHL at this time, and not on an NHL Roster. They have either been cut from they're NHL Teams, or been sent to the Minor Leagues. Soon as the player comes back to an NHL Roster, the N/A is removed from the Player.

What's The Issue?

After a few e mails, discussions and questions the last few weeks, I have been asked on the intent of having players on N/A (on my team specifically ) and the issue of collussion?

Although it may look obvious in a year where my team looks to finish near the bottom, and where there will be a Big Name Rookie available in the up coming Draft, questions have arrived of finding a way to "Tank" and increase my chances of winning the Lotto!

As Commissioner, I have absolutely no intention of that, (especially with a Lotto Rule) but I can see how things can work out where we are playing at the limit of the Rules.

Just to be clear, my intuition was to do my best to hit on a Rookie out there who may turn out, and hoping to hold on to what I can, incase they return to the NHL. Not to tank.

Although I can see how it may look worse.

Rule Change This Year!

We never make the decision to change rules on the fly, but it only affects my team as of now, so I'm taking care of it right away!

It's the best time to do it this year because of the Highly expected prospect available in this years Draft.

- The N/A Rule will take affect by midnight Saturday OCT 27th 2018


This will be added to our Rules immediately:

After many hours of discussions, I came up with the solution:

-No Team will be allowed more than 1 N/A Player on they're Roster.

-You may pick an N/A Player from the Free Agency and place him on Your Roster

-If you put in one of your Rookies during the season and he goes on N/A, he will not be allowed back to your Rookies Spot, and may stay on your Roster as long as you have no more than 1 N/A Player. (Or Drop him)


With any New Rules, they're will always be questions. I think by taking care of the issue right away, in this situation, was important in a Draft year with this implication. This is why I am adding it immediately .

We definitely will look into it again in the Off Season to make sure, and confirm it will work, or to see if there is anything we need to tweak.

We definitely need to cover all corners to make it fair in every area of the pool, whether you are in the bottom half, or top half of the standings..

Hopefully we can all understand this mid season change, and move on to enjoy our season...

Playing Fair,


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