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Updated: Aug 17, 2018

It's Approved!

Eugene has officially transferred his team too Giorgie DiLucia.

As of today, Giorgio DiLucia has ownership and will control the Team for the up coming season.

Giorgie and I have had some lengthy conversation about the daily, and yearly duties that go along with managing a Fantasy Hockey Team, and he is well aware of all that we do here, and what it all means to us to be part of our community. Please welcome him in confidence that he will be committed to our standards.

His Team

Well, as you already knew, Eugene's Team was well managed, and is definitely an instant contending team right off the bat, so Giorgie steps right into a good situation. Unlike Stan's inaugural season, Giorgie will have a lot less rebuilding to do, (unless he wants too), and we have all questioned the fairness of that.

The discussions have been settled, and Just like any sale, you get what you purchased, so there will not be any "Joining teams" or "combining Stan's Team with Eugene" etc.  

Team Operations

As we did with Stan, Giorgie will be limited to Trading until he has full knowledge of team Operations and what the values are of certain players, goalies, rookies etc, (So no sending or accepting trades until future notice).

-He will be taking part in Drop Day, and his list of players will be posted.

-He will be at The Draft and participate in drafting his team.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact me,


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