Trades: New Conditions Rule

Amendments to Conditions

"Conditions" on Trades


A Manager may include a condition to an offer to either sweeten the deal, or protect himself of loss and chances.

Eg: The greater the player traded does, the more you receive in return etc

As for this Season, we are on pace for breaking our all time record of regular season trades!

Also, a lot of them have been of the higher quality which have included big player names in the deal..

Not that I am complaining, but I think the knack of adding "Conditions" to an offer lately has opened up a new confidence of moving players, especially the Stars.


I definitely DO NOT want to discourage trading, but we have to understand that this trend tends to create chaos for me in keeping track, and possible disputes among managers going forward..

In order to keep in control of complications that are arising from all these conditions, we need to set a limit on what can and cannot be done.

Having a limit of trading years ahead, and amount of conditions per trade etc, must be established looking ahead.

Rule Amendment

The rules have been updated to control Trading "Conditions"

This Rule will take place starting 2019 OffSeason

The New "Conditions" RULE:

1- A limit to only 1 Condition per trade

2- A limit to 2 years ahead max for Future Picks (A year ahead of the next one)

3- Any outlandish and/or senseless conditions will be refused or eliminated

*These rules apply to Regular Season and Off Season

Thanks for your understanding


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