Trade Deadline 2020 Complete

2020 Lifetime Pool Trade Deadline Complete

Trade Deadline 2020 Complete

The 2020 Lifetime Pool Trade Deadline has now passed by and is completed.

Next Up

Freeze Day:

1- Our Freeze Date for Season transactions is APR 1 @10am

At that time your team will be on hold from any Free Agent transactions.

2- The ONLY exception to making a move AFTER that day, would be to put a player on IR for the time being until the end of season.

3- At seasons end all players borrowed for the IR player MUST be put back for the SAME player that you borrowed. Your team has to be in order.

There should be NO IR Spots left after this season ending date.


4- If a player go’s on IR during the Playoffs, you cannot make any moves.

5- You may only continue your transactions within the 40 move limit issued at the beginning of the season.



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