Off Season 2018 Begins

Welcome to the Off Season 2018, and the New Lifetime Hockey Pool

Before we get involved in the ever popular Off Season, I just want to share a few words on the new website.

The Lifetime Hockey Pool

As you can see, I spend a lot of time trying to make our Hockey Pool a unique experience in which we can all appreciate. I think it's very important that we keep a lot of what we do here between ourselves, so in order to do this, I have decided this Season to have all of our important pages on our site Private.

What does this mean? Well its very easy. It will take you 5 seconds to SIGN UP.

Just add an e mail and password of your choice and your in.. This will give you access to all you need. Rosters, Rules, (and most important) Pool News to stay up to date with all thats going on. You will also gain access to comment on a Post, receive News Notifications through e mail, and communicate with other Members.

Please feel free to comment, and dont forget to SIGN UP

Off Season 2018

This Off Season will not only begin with a fresh website, but will also be a lot more active with Pool News, and e mails to what is happening. Eg: Summer Meeting, Lotto Draft, New Rules, etc...

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