The Lotto Draft - Where Will The Odds Take You?

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

With the NHL Lotto Draft in full force Saturday April 28th, The Lifetime Pool will also be preparing to meet and draw for our upcoming 2018-19 Draft Order.

Here is a review of what it's all about and what will be happening with us.

This years losers, I mean candidates are:

Sam,Corrado,Chris and Stan.

They will be the only 4 Teams participating in this Lotto.

How Does It Work?

Basically, the Odds are not quite as wild or complicated as the NHL, but like last year, there is always a fair chance in sneaking in a spot at all rounds.

Although we absolutely don't want any "Tankers" in our League, we keep the odds a bit more in favour of the lower teams than the NHL does, just to make sure there is some favour to those who supposedly need it the most.

(The odds have adjusted during the years for us, favouring the better teams involved, but will still always heavily favour the lower team involved in each round.)

The Odds

Round 1   (4 Teams, 26 Ball Total)

Sam. - 20 Balls     77%

Corrado - 3 Balls       12%

Chris. - 2 Balls         7%

Stan. - 1 Ball           3%

Round 2   (3 Teams, 20 Ball Total)

Team 1- 15 Balls      75%

Team 2-  3 Balls       15%

Team 3-  2 Balls       10%

Round 3   (2 Teams, 12 Ball Total)

Team 1- 10 Balls       83%

Team 2-   2 Balls       17%

(This layout assumes there are no trades involving Draft positions when league trading begins)

SO Who Needs It?

Well, theres no secret this year that with Rasmus Dahlin the obvious choice, I can be perfectly bias and say me! I have sacrificed all my top guns in the last few years, and went for the rebuild (by choice).

With the supposedly great prospects in place now, I have waited for the day to finally say after all the years in this pool, I have a shot at 1st Choice! So yes, this would fit in perfectly with my plan all along.


Corrado has had his up's and downs in this league, that's for sure. He has been here before with a few 1st Round Picks! (Can you say Connor McDavid?) So adding another to his team right now, with players he has that can perform right away and reaching prime like McDavid, Laine, and Larsson, would definitely give him a force!


Former Champ and top 3 finisher in the last 6 years, has substantially cooled off this year. What happened? My analytics blame a weak draft and the demise of Carey Price.

With some big guns still left on his team, the bounce back of Price, a strong Draft, and the luck of the draw in the Lotto can see him backing contention.


The new guy in town. Stan has made an instant impact in 2018. Moving out of the basement, selling some big names, and picking up some gems in trades! The likes of Marchessault, Karlsson are now on a team that carries Huberdeau and Hischier. With Bennet, Butcher, and Tkachuk on the rise, and 2 top 10 Goalies, this team is only moving up! So, can he use another 1st over-all pick? Assuming he has a good draft, a steal in this Lotto would put this team in serious top 4 contention.

Stay tuned on a Date for the 2018-19 Lifetime Pool Lotto Draft.

As usual it will be held at a location determined, the Lotto picks will be drawn, and pool rules and economics will be discussed.. All are welcome.



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