The 2019 Off Season

Off Season 2019

The Off Season

Once the Playoffs are over, we will be moving into our "Off Season"

Im proud to stay that this Off-Season brings us to our 15th Year of The Lifetime Hockey Pool. Although we have been around since '95, our Keeper league all started in 2004, and that's when things got serious.

This Off-Season could turn out to be very important. We have pretty much fine tuned this pool to be very competitive, challenging, and most of all fun! There are a few things still yet to work out, in my opinion, and hopefully will be settled the next time we meet up. (The Lotto Draft 2019)

As the 2018/19 Season concludes, we will be traditionally overlooking and reviewing the entire Pool, and decide if there are any changes we can make to fine tune for the upcoming season.

At this years Lotto Draft, a group of us will be discussing, and concluding things such as Rule Adjustments and Rule Amendments, and if there will be changes to the 2019/20 Point Cap etc...

The Off-Season is as important as any other time, as we look ahead in preparing our Rosters for the upcoming year...

The Website

Here is the place where all our pool info is found.

A lot of you have many questions during the year and Off Season, but are not paying attention to what's available.

Look around the site and READ, and I'm sure you will find what you are looking for.

Im always around to answer questions. The Members Chat feature is always on.

I spend a lot of my free time updating, adjusting and uploading Rosters, Playoff formatting, Commissioning the pool, Blogging, Financing, e mailing etc.

It's a privilege for me to do it, and I have no complaints at all.

I just want us all to realize what we have here. This pool is something a lot of Hockey Pool fanatics would love to be a part of, and is very different to what is out there..

Including a Point Cap System like no other(that is strategically updated), a Rookie Roster, that is constantly monitored and a Website which has all our specific information pertaining to our private pool that runs all year round! That's Awesome.


Thank you to all for another great Season. Congratulations to Lenny again for a power house win. As NHL Playoff hockey proceeds, let's also look forward to the exciting

Off Season 2019!

Sam Zambri


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