The 2019 Lotto Draft/Manager Meeting

Lotto Review

The Lifetime Pool Lotto Draft 2019-20

With the NHL Lotto Draft all done, The Lifetime Pool will also be preparing to meet and draw for our upcoming 2019-20 Draft Order.

Meeting Day and Location


Nino DaVersa Bakery Aurora

230 Wellington St E, Aurora, ON L4G 1J5


The Candidates

Sam,Silvio,Chris and Stan.

They will be the only 4 Teams participating in this Lotto.

How Does It Work?

Basically, the Odds are not quite as wild or complicated as the NHL, but like last year, there is always a fair chance in sneaking in a spot at all rounds.

Although we absolutely don't want any "Tankers" in our League, we keep the odds a bit more in favour of the lower teams than the NHL does, just to make sure there is some favour to those who supposedly need it the most.

The Odds

Here are the Odds for 2019

Round 1 (4 Teams, 26 Ball Total)

Sam - 20 Balls     77%

Silvio - 3 Balls       12%

Stan - 2 Balls         7%

Chris - 1 Ball           3%

Round 2 (3 Teams, 20 Ball Total)

Team 1- 15 Balls      75%

Team 2-  3 Balls       15%

Team 3-  2 Balls       10%

Round 3  (2 Teams, 12 Ball Total)

Team 1- 10 Balls       83%

Team 2-    2 Balls       17%

Who Needs It?

Well, in a year with Jack Hughes and Kaapo Kakko available, I can be perfectly bias and say me again! I have sacrificed these last few years, by choice, and struggled down below hoping to rebuild quickly. For anyone thinking about it? Trust me it's not as glamorous as it seems. It can get very frustrating taking chances on rookie after rookie not turning out, or selecting an 18 year old and waiting patiently for him to break out, knowing that he has years of development still ahead of him!

Anyway, with these supposedly great prospects in place now, I have waited for the day to finally say it's time to move on, and move up!, I have a shot at 1st Choice once again! So I'm gonna hope to grab my Rookie Star, and head up the standings again..

I can't stand it down there anymore!

So yes, this would fit in perfectly with my plan.


What the hell happened?!

Silvio went from 4th overall the following season, to dead last for a good part of this year, eventually picking it up in the last month to finish 11th.

Don't let this fool us though, as he dropped in the standings, he made some very key moves which, in my opinion, sets him up nicely next season and the future!

Not only did he acquire a few 2nd round picks for 2019, he also made some bold decisions with trading the likes of Jeff Skinner, and Blake Wheeler!

Then along came the profit: Tomas Chabot, Filip Forsberg, and Nick Schmaltz! So fitting in a Hughes, or Kakko with his upcoming Rookies of Nolan Patrick, and Carter Hart looks Not too shabby at all...

Chris (aka Ponzi)

Another Former Champ and top 3 finisher in the last 7 years, has substantially slowed down the last few seasons. His original famous "5 year Plan" won him a Championship in 2013 so don't doubt him when he says he's in a rebuild.

Mr. "Conditions" has reinvented trading in our Pool. (Forcing me to amend the rules) Adding conditions to certain trades this year has set him ahead to his rebuild and looking ahead to 2020.

He's involved in 5 Picks in 2020 (as of now) and Im sure will add to that with the coming year, so one of these Big Rookies this year will just boost his future plans..

He's gonna need a little luck though with a 3% chance the first round and 10% in the second draw!


Still the new guy in town.

Stan didn't have the Giorgio luxury of a great team to take over, so he is continuing with the rebuild. Kakko or Hughes would be perfect right now! With Nico Hischier on the NHL 1st Over All Pick 2019 New Jersey Devils, stealing that #1 Pick from Sam would potentially set him up with Jack Hughes! That would be awesome if Hughes and Hischier could click and give Stan an allstar Duo.. Maybe Spezza and Heatley again??

Marchessault and Karlsson came down to earth this year, but are still big contributors.

Welcome Timo Meier who busted out, and Team Leader Mathew Tkachuk with a blowout Season!

Also, let's not forget early acquirements of Nick Suzuki, Gabriel Vilardi and Brady Tzachuk! It's definitely coming along...

So, can Stan use another 1st over-all pick? This would be the perfect time, assuming he has a good draft, a steal in this Lotto would put this team in great shape!

When Is This Happening?


Nino DaVersa Bakery Aurora

Address: 230 Wellington St E, Aurora, ON L4G 1J5

Coming Soon

2019 Draft Order


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