Season Finale 2020

Updated: Sep 30

End Of Season

After these difficult times, we've finally made it to the end of the season.

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Lightning!

Before I get into whats next for us, and some important upcoming dates for our Lifetime Pool,(Drop Day, Drafting etc) it is important to pay attention to the NHL and what they have planned with all thats going on in the world..

Here is what Mr Bettman says about restarting the New Season:

The league set a target date for Dec. 1 for the start of the season, but Bettman said he "would not be surprised" if that start date "slips into later December, [or] could slip into January."

"There's still too much we don't know," Bettman said. "Nobody can tell me whether or not the border between Canada and the United States will be open by a certain date, nobody can tell me what the state of COVID-19 is going to be, nobody can tell us whether our arenas will have either socially distanced or fully occupied buildings. And we're going to have to do the same thing we did for return to play: explore all the options, be flexible and agile enough to implement when the appropriate time comes."

The important things like Us/Canada Borders, Covid progression, and being flexible to implement when the time is right to start , hits the nail on the head, and guides us to when we can ink dates to when we can move on to our next steps.

Salary Cap

Commissioner Bettman's intentions are to fit in 82 Games in 2021, but this will be highly unlikely again next year if they push the start to January 2021..This is is important to us for our Cap purpose.

"I anticipate playing a full season next season, 82 games, full playoffs," Bettman said. "How and when we do that is something that we don't all have enough information to make any decisions, and anything would just be sheer speculation. Our goal is to get back to as greatest sense of normalcy as possible under whatever circumstances are presented."

Notably, Our Salary Cap was carefully calculated and adjusted this coming season to reflect the past season 2019-20. Your New Rosters will reflect this.

Rosters and Website Refresh Coming Soon!!

Im working very hard to get all the teams up to date with Rosters, Layout, and Rookies(stats, Age etc) and cleaning up the website for the new season. Please be patient. It will be this week for sure, but I can leave you with this Info to go by for now...

The New Rosters will show us the New Cap for the upcoming year of 1050 pts per team

Updated Cap Status (as of now in 2021 with new Cap)

Giorgio -153

TonyV -93

Corrado -85

Carlo -24

Lenny -8

Sam +29

Mike +32

Robert +85

Silvio +85

Stan +163

TonyZ +225

Chris. +236


(These dates are unconfirmed)

-Lotto Draft Working on doing this asap ... (3 members minimum must be present)

-August 1st Trading will be rescheduled to Sunday NOV 1st

-Keep 15 (Drop Day) will be rescheduled to Sunday NOV 22nd or Sunday NOV 29th

-Draft Day will be temporary rescheduled to Sunday NOV 29th Or Sunday Dec 6th

(Draft Day may have to be done remotely for safety. Zoom Google etc)

Play Off Results

Congratulations to Lenny

Lenny 180 ($100)

Mike 155

Sam 149

Carlo 146

Corrado 142

How Old Is My Team?

(Players Age, Team Avg Age)

This is something Ive always wanted to have for us on hand. WE NOW HAVE IT!

Ive been diggin' for years, but finally found a site that keeps Yearly Stats and ages updated yearly that we can use on our Roster Sheet.

Special thanks to our old friend "Johnny Numbers" (John Caggianiello) for setting things up for me..

Our New Rosters will now contain each individual Players ages, as well as an Average Team Age. I see this as a great tool for some to rebuild, trade, and a good overall feel of your team..


Draft Order

After our Lotto Draft is complete, and we have our Draft Order.

This will complete before our Trading Date begins..


Please keep you and your families safe, and stay attentive for future posts or e mails coming.


Text Me 416 992-2291


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