Position Eligibility/Protected Players

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Position Eligibility

As of today, Yahoo has not made anymore changes to Players positions.

Every year in our pool, we have offered a few week leeway on having an Empty Spot on your Roster (player in a Bench Position) because of a conflict of Positions on your Team.

This leeway is offered because as the NHL games progress, Yahoo decides if some players are eligible for multiple positions. When this happens, you are able to move players around on your Roster, and able to fit in players where they are needed..

As of now, The Our League is making a date of SUN OCT 21st @9pm

*Note that after this date, the Bench Player must be moved out of that position.

(Any player on a Bench in that time will not receive points)

*Yahoo will continue to allow eligible positions as the year progresses

*Our Rosters on our website will always be up to date with positions

Protected Players

The Pool has officially started, so any Manager acquiring Free Agents from now on, are responsible for all players signed.

If any of our Protected players (other than your own) are added, the move will immediately be reversed, and a season move(40 limit) will be added to your team.

But I own Him?

If you own the Protected Player, you have the rights to add him to your team, but he cannot go back down to your Rookies Roster. If he is released during the Season, he will then follow the Waiver Rule, and if not acquired, then clear to Free Agency.

Final Note:

-Check out our New 2018 Draft Results Page

-Make sure all your players are in position for Wed OCT 3rd in order to get points!

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