PlayOff Pool: 2019

The Playoffs

Ok, the Teams are posted!

Took me a night, but it's all there and ready to go...

The Rules

1- At regular seasons end, the top 8 teams will qualify for the playoffs pool and a list of all your players on each team will be published by the Commissioner and sent to everyone to observe.

2- YAHOO! does not have a playoff pool, so is the site that will be assigned to you to go too with daily stats and standings listed. All of your team’s players that have made the playoffs in real life NHL will be the only players you have to use in the playoff pool.

3- All IR Players were replenished back into Regular roster formats before the Playoffs Started.. Not only must you plan a strategy for the Reg. season, but also for the upcoming playoff run.

4- Some teams may have more players in the playoffs than others


Goalies- Wins: 1pt- SO: 1pts

Players- Goals: 1pt- Assists: 1pt (No Special Team Points for Playoffs)


As listed above, Yahoo has no Playoffs, so will be hosting our Playoff Pool which will include, Stats, Points, and Standings.


The best way, of course, is to use the Playoffs tab on our Site. It's all listed there.

It's IMPORTANT that you sign in or you won't see our Teams.

Once you do this once, it will be saved in your browser history, and it will always work when you are on our website.

Passwords to Connect

Pool Name: lifetimehockey

Password: lifetimehockey

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Please let me know asap if there are any mistakes to your team!

Players not listed, or other errors etc.

We all need to be responsible for our teams. Lets work together.


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