Office Notes on Yahoo, Player Positions, Updated Rosters etc.

Commissioners Office

Commissioners Office

The Pool is now weeks away, and now that the Drops are in, we are aligned for Draft Day

Sunday September 29th @ 9am

There are a few more things that need to be stated before the draft, so I have added some notes for you to be informed.


Player Positions

Every year Yahoo re sets the Positions of Players to they're natural positions, so you need to be aware of this as you draft because all positions must be filled on your Roster.

Fortunately you have a dedicated Commissioner who went through all your teams and adjusted all your new player positions so the Rosters are all up to date now with this!


As I stated, your positions are now updated, but also your Players after the drops, and any Rookies that were inserted into your Lineup. The Rookie Rosters are also updated with proper ages and games played.

* Cap Points are also updated so keep informed on how many points you have to draft players!


-At this point Yahoo should be up and running. Link

-Make sure your team is correct. You are responsible BEFORE the Draft.

-All new available players will all be listed under the Players Tab in Yahoo.

-Place all your players into your Rosters the Next Day and they will show up in they're positions the following day so you can see...

Draft Day

Sunday September 29th @ 9Am Sharp!

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