Off Season Trading Begins: August 1st

August 1st

Trading Begins: Wednesday August 1st 9am

With all our Player Caps and Team Caps updated, we all know where we stand going into The Draft. Beginning Wed August 1st @9am trading between teams will be allowed.-All confirmed Trades will be announced and posted here.-Rosters and Draft Order will also be updated during any trades.


1- Off-season trading will commence on the 1st of August 9am. All trades must be recorded and e mailed to the Commissioner, and be scrutinized by the commission, subject to approval in order to be official.

2- You can choose to trade players for other Players, Picks, or Rookies etc.Your Roster might accumulate above the legal Roster size at this point.

No off season free agent signings permitted.

Up Next

Drop Day: Tuesday Sept 4th@ 12pm

1- Teams must protect ONLY 15 Regular Roster Players and have no more than 6 Rookies. This will leave 8 open Roster spots and any Rookie spots that need to be filled. All teams will submit there Draft Rosters NO LATER than this day!

2- Every team must have 8 empty spaces on they're Main roster after Drop Day. No more or less..

3- Any Rookies marked in red on the Spreadsheet, must be dropped on this Day, or put into your Regular Lineup (before/on) Draft Day!(No dropping rookies at the Draft)

4- After all the drops from all teams have been submitted by the managers and Drop Day ends, Trading returns to normal the following day at 9am, and more or less than 8 open spaces on our Rosters may be excepted going into the Draft.

5- Once your Drops are submitted, they are Official and cannot be changed.

No player trades accepted.

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