Off Season Rosters Update & More


New Team Caps (Whose over, New Player Caps, etc)

All the newest Cap Points for our Teams showing where we stand going into the 2019-20 Off Season.

Official Updated Draft Order

A lot of trades were made last season, so this will be interesting. All the years trades, conditions, etc, will be placed on our New Draft Order going into Aug 1st Trade Day and updated further into Draft Day

Rookie Update (Age, Expirations etc)

All Rookies on your Team marked in Red have expired and must be moved by Drop Day.

Player ages, and NHL games played will all be up to date.

Update NA Rule

After a bit of confusion at the Managers Meeting, a better clarification will be noted for next season.

Player Updates (NHL Free Agent Signings, Trades etc)

Our Rosters will continue to update frequently with all NHL Player Transactions and Moves...


In order to keep up with NHL Moves and Trades over this busy stretch, everything will be done after the July Long Weekend so we can be far along as possible with our information.

Thanks for your patience ...


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