NHL Free Agent Frenzy : Pool Update

NHL Free Agents

The NHL will be starting its Free Agent signings starting July 1st.

Imagine, the free agent player you wanted to drop on Drop Day, all of a sudden ends up on a great team with Superstar players! What do you do now?

This matters!

All our teams will be updated daily as movements happen...

Our Jul 2nd Roster Sheet should look very interesting.

LIfetime Team Cap 2019-20

New Team Caps going into the Off Season

Lenny -262

Giorgio -118

Tony V -92

Mike -92

Carlo -67

Rob +25

Tony Z +41

Corrado +130

Chris +202

Stan +202

Silvio +216

Sam +218

Pool Notes

-All Players and Teams have been Updated (Player Cap Points, Team Cap Points)

-Rookies Update (Age, Expirations)

-2019-20 Draft Order Update (Updates after Aug 1st Trading Day)


-Trading Day Thursday Aug 1st

-Drop Day Tuesday Sept 3

-Draft Day Sunday Sept 29

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