Lotto Draft, New Rosters, and Draft Order

Lotto Draft Results 2018-19

The results are now official for this years off season Lotto Draft. For the first time in many years, all the favourites came through!

4 Members were present at the meeting and all results were confirmed.

Rules for the lotto draft were met including odds and presentation.

The selections were drawn by non participants in the Lotto.


Round 1 Winner: SAM

Round 2 Winner: CORRADO

Round 3 Winner: CHRIS

*Stan remains as 4th selection

Full rules, odds and results for every round are found in the LOTTO section

Updated Rosters and Team Cap

Our Rosters are now updated with our NEW Team Cap (1225pts), and all your Player Cap Points are all updated heading towards Drop Day and going into the new season.


All Rookie info (such as age and games played) have been updated. Some of your Rookies on your rosters may appear in Red. This shows that the specific Rookie must leave that space (placed on Roster or dropped) before the Draft (according to our rookie rule limitations)


All info (including Positions, Teams, Ages etc.) on the Rosters are still unofficial and will be worked on and updated as the offseason progresses.

Draft Order

The Draft Order is updated, (included any moves that were made last season), but after August 1st (Trading Begins) it will always be unofficially until Draft Day, due to any trades etc.

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