Lotto Draft 2021 Rosters and Draft Order

The OffSeason Lotto Draft, New 2021 Rosters, and Up to date Draft Order for the upcoming Draft are in order..

Lotto Draft

We finally completed the Off Season Lotto Draft and the Results are here:

* There were 3 Members present and aware through the complete Lotto Picks.

Carlo made all 3 selections. 2 extra chips were awarded to Chris after voting..


Round 1- TonyZ

Round 2- Chris

Round 3- Rob

Round 4- Stan

New 2021 Rosters

The New Rosters have been now fully updated, and all your New Caps and Rookies are up to date.

*Note that your Rookies that are in Red need to be added to your lineup before the Draft.

Or dropped on Drop Day (Keep 15)

*Also, Player ages and Team Avg Age are now listed on your teams

Draft Order 2021

The New up in coming 2021 Draft Order is now up to date with all our moves in place from last season.

*TonyZ and myself triple checked the moves, but please inquire of any discrepancies


A review of other Pool Info including future Dates etc. are found in the previous Blog


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