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First and foremost, I hope everyone is healthy and doing well.

I apologize for the delay in postings, but it's been a tough time deciding what we should do concerning Off Season Dates at this point during all this turmoil. As the NHL proceeded to set up their continued season, this will help us in deciding temporary Lifetime Pool dates for 2020 Off Season. If all goes as planned for the NHL, the Stanley Cup will be presented before OCT 4th. The NHL draft will be OCT 9th and 10th and Free Agency will begin after the draft.

The 2021 NHL Season is scheduled to begin DEC 1st.

So where does this leave us for Lifetime Pool Dates?

-Priority: All Teams must not have IR Spots remaining at this point. Please let me know if you want to drop them, or replace them with roster players.

Expect an e mail or text soon to finalize this...

-August 1st Trading will be temporary rescheduled to Sunday NOV 1st

-Keep 15 (Drop Day) will be rescheduled from SEP 1st to NOV 22nd

-Lotto Draft will be in AUG. (A preview notice will be sent out before results)

-Draft Day will be temporary rescheduled to Sunday NOV 29th

The Cap 2021

With last Season,(19-20) not completed, the Players played between 69-71 games and did not complete their regular 82 game season. This forces us to make another adjustment to the Cap for the upcoming Season. Stay tuned as we adjust and update the Cap and Roster Points for the upcoming off season...

2020 Playoffs

For this year Only, , we will have all teams participate in the Playoffs. As usual there will be a separate website I will set up for all of us to go too. Coming Soon.

IR Positions

Now that the Season has officially ended we cannot have any Players on the IR Position. All teams must have a Standard Roster going into the Playoffs. No IR Spots are in use.

Expect an e mail of who you want to drop and free off your IR Spots on your Roster..

2020 Draft

All teams will remain as the final 2019 positions as we go into the 2020 Draft.

Off Season

As you all you all know, the Season never ends, so the Off Season will commence again as soon as the Playoffs are complete.

E Mails and Pool Notifications will continue, so it's your responsibility to keep up with your actions.

As usual, all your Off Season info can be found here at

2020 Lotto Draft

All the odds and players have been listed in the Lotto Section

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