Lenny Trades For Brent Burns!

Absolutely going for the Championship, Lenny hooks up with Chris on a Big Trade..

The Trade

Lenny Receives:

Brent Burns


Chris Receives:

Josh Morrissey

Casey Middlestadt (R)

2nd Round Draft Pick 2020


-If Lenny Wins the Year, the 2nd Rounder becomes a 1st in 2020

-If Lenny finishes 2nd, or 3rd, OR Wins The Playoffs,

Chris also gets a 5th Round Pick 2019

-If Lenny finishes below 8th place, it becomes a 4th 2020

Ya you heard it right!

League Notes:

As you can see, The "Conditions" option in Trades is heating up, so as usual, it's time for me to calm things down, so Im not left with a confusing mess at the end of the year..

I will be sending an amendment to the rule shortly...

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