Keep 15 vs Dropping 8 The Confusion

The Confusion

After talking to many of you this offseason, Im noticing a frustrating trend that I need to make light of to end the "misunderstanding " to the "Player Drop Day" Rule

Keep 15 vs Drop 8

The days of dropping 8 players on Drop day has had a misconception lately.

In the past our rule was stated that we basically just had to drop 8 players on Drop Day.

Leaving us with 8 picks on Draft Day.

As we progressed with our rules years past, with Offseason Trades, Rookies, etc, it has been revised and should be known as Keep 15. (reasoning below)

(So basically, we should be looking at it this way)

Not "I need to drop 8 guys" at the end of the year mentality ...

The Reasoning

The purpose of the name change is to understand that we are now accumulating more players in the off season, and at some points our Rosters become inflated with extra players, rookies, etc. So dropping 8 doesn’t make sense.

You can make as many moves as you want, and accumulate as many players as you wish, but at Drop Day, you can only Protect 15. Therefore some will be dropping more players Eg: 8-15-25 etc


Rookies in Red on your Rosters do not need to be part of your Protected 15. Although a decision on Drop Day needs to be made to putting them in your Roster for the upcoming Season, or Dropped on Drop Day.

(No Rookie Drops allowed at the Draft)

Drop Day

Tuesday Sept 3rd 9am

Protect 15 Players

Drop what you want !



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