It's Game On! Season Opens @ 9:30pm

As of 9:30pm Tonight Sunday September 30th it's Game On!

Important Info:

-The Lifetime Pool will move to our YAHOO location now. Here

-The League will be open at exactly 9:30pm est. and your team will be unlocked.

-Take your Players out of the Bench Position in Yahoo, and place them on your Roster.

- All moves will count toward the Season

-Waiver Priority will be in effect after any player has been let go into Free Agency

-Keep an eye out for players that are Protected

-The Rosters will be updated nightly.

All Rosters are now up to date according to our Draft.

As well as The Protected List, and all of our draft results are now listed.

Im here to make sure this pool is strictly for entertainment purposes. I trust we are all out to play fair. We should be here in confidence knowing that we all have a good knowledge of Hockey, so let's be gentle this year in scrutinizing any trades with nastiness.

All I do, is for the good of the League, so parity and fairness will always be priority.

Good Luck to everyone!


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