Ilya Kovalchuk is Back!

After a 5 year hiatus from the NHL Ilya Kovalchuk has retuned to sign with the LA Kings.

What does this mean for our Pool? The KHL Rule is in effect!

KHL Rule

Under our so called KHL Rule, Section #3 will apply in this case, and the player will be awarded to TonyZ who last owned him in 2012/13 where he collected 31 points. Therefore his Cap in this upcoming Season will be 31 Cap points.

If he chooses to keep him, the decision will be made before the Draft and after his Drops... If he chooses to drop him, he will be available in our upcoming Draft.

KHL Rule Section 3

Section 3- If the player re-signs with a team, and returns to the NHL during the off season, the Fantasy Manager will have to inform the Commissioner on the upcoming Draft Day whether he will re-insert the player in his roster BEFORE he selects his draft picks. (Note: He will still drop his usual 8 players before Drop Day, then after re-inserting the player before he selects at the Draft, he will then only need to continue drafting players to fill his roster) 

Leave Comments if you have any questions...

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