Game On 2021

Game On

As of Wednesday January 13 2021 the NHL is back.

Front Page

A fresh look to The Front Page of the website has been updated with quick links to relevant pages. (Both desktop and Mobile)

As usual, our League is private so Make sure your Logged in


Now that Yahoo is setup, it is now your responsibility to make sure your players are in your Roster in order for them to accumulate points.

Protected Players

All players we own in our Rookie Rosters are protected. If they are accidentally picked up during the season, I will notify you to release the player again, and a move will be charged to you.

Protected Players are found in the Protected area of our website for your convenience.


I have added a Scores section on the website, courtesy of to give us easy access to daily scores as we browse the Lifetime Website.

2021 FEES:

I have had some discrepancies with fees through the years, so to make sure we keep finances accurate, I will post this section until all fees are paid.

Thank you to all Managers that have paid up.

Still Outstanding:





Please send your payment of $125 to asap

2021 Draft Results

Back by popular demand, the 2021 Draft Results are now posted for you to see who was picked in all the Rounds. The last 3 years are also posted in this section if you want to look at years past.

Thanks to TonyZ for his work on that during the draft


The Comments section at the bottom of each Blog has been updated to make it easier to comment on the topic.

Make sure you have your Notifications turned on in your Account Section of your Profile if you want to be notified when others are commenting.

Jesse Puljujarvi / Kirill Kaprizov

As of our "KHL" Rule, both players have been placed on they're respected owners.

Puljujarvi - Carlo

Kaprizov - Chris


People have asked to re-place a YAHOO Link on the site to make it easier to navigate back and forth to both our sites.

The link is on the new Front Page

It will take you right to our Pool if you are signed into Yahoo


With all the changes we have made to start this season, (New Cap, Rookie Bring Down The Rookie, Online Drafting etc) there might be some things we encounter along the way. Please know that it will always be in my greatest intentions to keep things fair, and even for everyone.

Lets all be happy that we are getting an opportunity to enjoy some Fantasy Hockey, to get us through these difficult times.

Please stay safe and enjoy the season.

Good Luck to all. Play Fair and have fun.


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