Eugene Heading Out!

After a modest 7 Seasons, and due to time restrictions and personal challenges to stay active, Eugene has decided to end his role as Manager of his team in our Pool.

Eugene Facts:

-He took over our original Member Paul's Team in 2011.

-Finished with 3 top 3 finishes during his 7 Seasons.

-He had 2 2nd Place finishes, and a 3rd Place finish in his Inaugural Season.

-Always an active and dedicated competitor.

Moving On:

So, with the NHL July 1st Free Agency approaching, as well as our Lotto Draft, and our August 1st Trading Period, we need to consider a few scenario's on how we move forward. Many of my days are spent trying to look at all the ways to keep these situations from escalating, and although we can't literally expect anyone to really be in this for Life, the expectations of dedication, loyalty and activeness are always expected.

So when someone decides to back out, I really need to focus on the parity of the League, and getting things back on track.

Stan Failla:

After joining last season, Stan has significantly improved his Team, both in the Standings and on his Roster. Unfortunately for him, he accepted the fact that to join this League, he had to acquire a very bad team to start. He accepted and here we are.

My thinking now is that Stan came in 1 year too soon and ended up with Adhish's Team or he would of had a great team in Eugene's which is Very competitive!

Now that Stan has established himself as a great fit for this pool, I think it's only fit that he have a bit of an edge as a new Member to compete.

So instead of just giving the "New Guy" Eugene's Team, and be competitive immediately, while Stan needs to struggle for a while to compete, I thought of a few scenario's we really need to consider to move ahead


1- We're happy with what we've got laid out so far, and the new guy just takes over Eugene’s Team

2- We combine both Stan's and Eugene’s Team and split them into 2 even teams, so Stan and the new guy start on even terms..

(That would be done with a group of us, including Stan)

This way he can keep certain guys he's been building with…

3- Or we just just lighten up Eugene’s Team a bit by sending Stan over 2-3 Star Players.

(Maybe selected by a hidden draft choice like we do our lottery, by drawing from a hat) to sort of even things out a bit with the 2 teams.

This way it doesn’t effect things Stan has done with his team so far, and the new guy doesn't get to start off with a contender!

4- Other Options

Listening to any of your personal ideas on the topic in the Comment Section.

Have Your Vote:

The Voting Process will be done by Commenting on this Blog.

All comments will be looked at and registered before making a decision.

You may also contact me for a private response if you prefer.

New Manager:

I really don't want to have an 11 Manager League, for many negative pool reasons, (dispersion of players etc.) so we are looking for someone who can join.

If there is anyone of you who knows someone who has what it takes to join us, please contact me and let us know asap!



Don't forget to Comment and have you say!

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