DROP DAY: Tuesday September 4th

Drop Day

Drop Day 2018 Deadline is confirmed for Tuesday September4th @ 12pm

All teams are required to have they're Rosters prepared for the Draft.


  1. Teams can only Protect 15 Players and have NO MORE than 6 Rookies

  2. Each team shall have 8 empty roster spaces left on they're team after this day, no more and no less

  3. Any Rookies marked in red on the spreadsheet, must be dropped on this day, or put into they're main roster before the draft. Dropping Rookies at the draft is not permitted.

  4. After all drops from all teams have been submitted by each manager, Drop Day ends. Trading resumes the following day @9am. At this point, more or less than 8 spaces on your Roster are now permitted going into the Draft.

  5. Once your drops are submitted, they are confirmed and cannot be changed

  6. All Manager Drops will be posted on Drop Day


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