Covid 19 Delay

The Delay

As we all know by now, are lives are on hold until we are all safe to get back to humanity.

Im hoping this message finds all of you and your families healthy and home safe and secure.

The Pool

So, obviously the NHL is on delay until further notice from the League and Health Officials. This also leaves our Pool on stand by until/if play resumes again this season.

In the meantime all stats and teams are in a freeze position.

Looking Forward

I can't think of what will happen in the NHL if there is a default to the season, and the league just closes down until next season with no Stanley Cup awarded.

If this scenario were to play out, this leaves me with no idea of how we can fairly distribute winnings in our League at that point.

With our top 3 teams within less than 5 Pts between them, Some might say "who knows what would of projected" but a decision needs to come about.

Looking forward, I will be contemplating a few scenarios to present to everyone to see what we can come up with if we get to that point.

Im just throwing things out in advance to get a heads up on things in case we get there.

Hopefully not!

I hope everyone is safe, and all your families are well, and I will keep you posted when we get the "GO" and get back on finishing this strange season.


2019 Fees

These Balances are Still Owing for 2019:

TonyV $5

Carlo $125

TonyZ $125

Silvio $125

Corrado $125

Now that we have more time on our hands, Please make the effort to send me payment via e transfer.


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