Commissioners Meeting/Cap Is On The Rise

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

After 2 1/2 hours of crunching numbers, the Cap for 2018-19 Season is confirmed.

Commissioners Meeting

The 2018 Commissioners Meeting is completed.

Every year I spend time looking at what our league average of points were accumulated, and test it against our Point Cap system to assure we have the right number intact to keep things competitive and realistic within the system.

Also, according to our Point Cap Rules, (as stated) we also stop to review the average of the past 3 Seasons and make adjustments if they are needed to keep up with what happens with Player Points in the NHL. At this point the Commissioner Meeting is necessary to determine any change in Team Cap Points.


As determined in a previous Post, after this past Season where the NHL Points Per Player boomed, it has thrown our players point Cap number off, (just in time for our 3 year review), therefore we need to make a change. It has determined that keeping our existing Point Cap (where last years players scored way more points per player on average than the previous 3 seasons) this would choke almost 80% of the league to stay under the old cap, causing Teams to drop big players they cant afford, and even worse, having them sit in Free Agency during the season because no one can afford them.

After almost 3 hours of crunching yearly team and league numbers, and working out individual team and league averages, the number have been determined...

The number is: 75

This means our Cap Max for the upcoming season has gone up by 75 points per team.

Cap Points

The Change of Team Cap Points are listed below:

2017-18 Cap Points

1150 points per team


1225 points per team

Minimum Cap

We have also determined that keeping the Low Cap Minimum at 1000 points, will help the lower teams if they are rebuilding with "Rookie Type" players (25pt Players).

All teams must have a minimum of 1000pts on they're Cap still, but raising the Max Cap, helps to stretch points out further for the rebuilders if needed.


  1. We are still on the hunt for a qualified Manager to fill Eugene's place, so please contact me if you have someone you think will work.

  2. Lotto Draft will happen after the Canada Weekend at some point. An e mail will be sent out with a date if your interested in coming.

  3. The Rosters will be updated with the New Cap and all your Updated Player Points going into the Draft. (Should have it out in a few weeks)

  4. Draft Order will also be updated soon after The Lotto Draft is complete

  5. Our Summer GM Meeting will be at the Lotto Draft. Your all welcome to come if you want to discuss any Pool related stuff (Rules etc), but it will mainly consist of the Lotto Picks... (An e mail will be sent out for date and location)


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