Bring Down The Rookie Update

There will be an update to our Rosters. You will see an indication where it will show you if you used the "Bring Down The Rookie" option during the Season.

Here are the new Bring Down The Rookie samples you will see this season:

*These are only sample scenarios

Not Been Used

*If your Option has Not been used, it will show a Green colour in this box on your Roster.

Fully Used

*If your option has been Fully Used for the season, it will show a Red colour in this box on your Roster, and the Player used will appear in Red indicating that he was sent back down, so your Options are over for the year.

We think this Rule will bring a strategic new look to our Pool, and are very excited to implement it for our upcoming season.

Please Note:

All Rookie Rules apply to all these moves..

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