Bring Down The Rookie

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

After taking the Weekend to review our new Rules, its by unanimous decisions that we will implement the Bring Down The Rookie rule.

The Keep15-17 Rule will not take affect this year and may be reviewed again next season after receiving plenty of thumbs down. (Misunderstood in my opinion) but the majority ruled.

Thanks for everyone who participated

Bring Down The Rookie

Heres another breakdown of how things will work.

Have you ever been stuck by bringing up a Rookie during the Season, or at Draft Day (cause he made the roster) then BOOM, he’s back in the Minors or not playing the rest of the year, And you have no choice but to keep him on your Main Roster?

Now you will have a 1 time opportunity to bring him back to your Rookie spot.

1. If you have a player on your current roster who meets the Rookie criteria, you can bring him down now. But you forgo this benifit for the rest of the season.

2. If you trade for someone who is on another guys current roster and he goes into your active lineup, You can then put him into your rookie roster if he meets the criteria only if you haven’t used your ONE move yet

3. During the Season, you can pick up a free agent onto your roster (that no other GM owns), and then put him into your rookie roster if he meets the Rookie criteria, as long as you haven’t yet used your ONE move for the year.

The Good:

- Your not stuck with him on your main roster forever

- You can bring up a Rookie and if it doesn’t work out, you can put him back down to your Rookies

Be Aware:

- You only get 1 Move Per Year

- It can only be done from AUG 1st Trade Day

(Or the temporary date if theres a short season) up until Freeze Day

- All Rookie Rules will always apply

(Games Played, and Age (As of September 30th of that year)

- The Player has to be in your possession on your Roster before putting him down


Drop Day Extension

The NHL has still not agreed on a Start Day so our Drop Day has been extended too SUNDAY DEC 20th at 12pm

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