Bench Players Eligibility Expired

Bench Players

The time is up to have Bench Players.

All players must return to The Roster.

Bench Rule

Every year there is a bit of a waiting game with Yahoo putting players into they're alternating positions, so we usually give a bit of a leeway in time to get a player off the Bench Position and into the Roster. This years Date was Sunday October 21st @9pm.

The day has passed therefore no players will be allowed in your Bench Position for any reason at this point.


IR and IR+

Please note that all teams will now be strictly monitored for players that are on IR that have either come off IR, and/or are not put back into they're main Roster.

Also, if any player goes on IR and is not put on IR.

This pertains to our Injured Reserve Rule Section 3:

All Players who return off IR must be replaced on your team or released within 24 hours! Next Day. Also, all IR players must be placed on the IR within 24 hours. (Only exception is if there are no cap points available. In this case they may be left on your roster).

Please keep up with your Roster, or I will be contacting you.

*Early Year Team Reviews coming soon

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