Amending The NA Rule ...

NA Rule Update:

After many continued discussions over NA Players, I have decided to amended the Rule to better suit our Pool. Although this is not a common issue, we still need to keep on top of situations that may arise.

I feel that having just 1 NA Player still accommodates our style for this Pool, but in some circumstances there will be times when this rule might not work.

EG: If you had to put a Player in your Roster (from your Rookies that has turned 22) and he then got sent to the Minors.


If you had Dahlin, and Nylander and they got sent down to the Minors for a bit.

How can you drop one of those?

In some of these example situations, with our old rules, we would have no choice but to lose a good player for nothing... Therefore I have re-set this rule.

The NA Rule has been Amended:

-No Team will be allowed more than 1 N/A Player on their Roster.(within these exceptions)


a) You may pick an N/A Player from the Free Agency and place him on Your Roster,

but that player must come off NA within 48hrs.

b) If you pick up a Free Agent(not on NA), and he goes on NA while you have him, you may keep him.

c) If you put in one of your Rookies in your Roster that same season, and he goes on N/A, he will not be allowed back to your Rookies Spot, but may remain on your Roster.

Thank you for understanding, and trust that this rule, along with the rest, will keep fairness to all..


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