A Look At The Cap For 2018-19

NHL Points have seen the biggest increase since 2006

League Averages Are Up

One of the best things about our Pool is our Point Cap system. Having to deal with selecting your Players is half the battle, but managing our unique Point Cap on top of it all, is where this pool will excel above standard leagues.. So, every 3 years we take a look at our averages on how NHL players score. Keeping track of increases and decreases of NHL points, so we are able to fit in with our Point Cap system.

Here are some observations that will be listed and reviewed on our Annual Off Season Meeting.

Thanks too NHL.com for providing this info.

As you can see by the illustration that the League average was 22.5 points per player in 2018. That is the highest number since the 2006 Season!

This definitely raises a red flag, and comes just in time for our 3 year annual average review of our Point Cap.

Previous Few Seasons:

20.2 (2017)

19.6 (2016)

20.2 (2015)

20.1 (2014)

What Does This Mean For The Lifetime Pool?

Well basically, since the increase this Season has been much higher than the average in the last few years, we may see most teams going into the offseason, now having a virtually impossible time dealing with the players new Cap Points in 2019.

(The new player Cap points will be updated on our Rosters after the July 1st date)

The increase in Cap Points is inevitable this upcoming Season, but all figures and observations will be discussed at our Summer Meeting.

Cap Minimum

This Season I mentioned that the Cap Minimum was tough also, especially those trying to rebuild and stay over the minimum of 1000 Cap Points.

I think that an increase in NHL Players points this season, and an increase of the top cap overall, will help the rebuilding teams keep above that lower cap of 1000 points.

That might eliminate lower teams grabbing guys like M Hossa, and a bunch of IR guys just to get them up too that 1000 pt mark.

Finally, all numbers are definitely not final, but a lengthy review is definitely under way, and will be presented to the Managers...

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