A Look At The 2019/20 Cap

NHL League Point Average

2019 NHL League Average/Review

NHL League Player Averages

This is the average points per player in the NHL in 2018-19

22.4 Points (2019)

Previous Few Seasons:

22.5 (2018)

20.2 (2017)

19.6 (2016)

20.2 (2015)

20.1 (2014)

This concludes that the NHL Average Points Per Game went down from last season.

Thanks too NHL.com for providing this info.

2019 Lifetime Pool League Average/Review

The Lifetime Pool Player and Team Averages

This shows the average points per Team in our Pool

(not including fantasy points, PP, Short Handed etc)

2018-19 Season 1189.58 points per team

2017-18 Season 1196.33 points per team

The difference from 2018-2019 is -6.75

2016-17 Season 1103.66 points per team

The difference from 2017-2018 was +93

After an hour and a half of intense mathematical additions and averages on my part, this basically determines that the Points per Team in our Pool has decreased this year from last year by -6.75 points per team.

In 2018 we increased the Point Cap by 75 points to compensate for the +93 point increase per team average that year...

The Cap

Lifetime Cap System

One of the best things about our Pool is our Point Cap system. Having to deal with selecting your Players is half the battle, but managing our unique Point Cap on top of it all, is where this pool will excel above standard leagues.. So, every year we take a look at not only the averages on how NHL players score, but also work out an average of how our own pool players score and the average total points per team.

We keep track of increases and decreases of NHL player points as well as our pool points, so we are able to fit in with our unique Point Cap system.

As you can see by the NHL illustration, and also by our Lifetime Pool Team Averages, that the NHL League average was 22.4 points per player in 2019. That surprisingly drops by -.1 from 2018, and also shows a drop of -6.75 points per team from last Season in our Lifetime Pool.

This definitely raises a red flag for Managers like Lenny, Giorgio, who had an astronomical season of player point totals...

What does this mean for our Pool?

Looking ahead to next season

As you can see by the numbers we strategically use to determine our yearly Point Cap, that there is no evidence this year, in my opinion, to adjust any Point Caps for the

2019-20 Season.

Of course we will review and discuss this, along with other topics, at our Annual Lotto Draft and Managers Meeting.

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