2019 Champion: Lenny


The 2019 Lifetime Pool Champion


Congratulations to our 2019 Winner Lenny

After some aggressive early season trading, Lenny bombed the competition this year to win. By a landslide!

His total points of 1596.75 narrowly beats Sam's all-time point record of 1569.50...






Our Playoff Season will begin this week.

Heres what you need to know:

- All Playoff Standings and Info will be listed Playoff Section of the Website

-You must sign in with PoolExpert.com to view. (I will send you the info soon)

-Only the top 8 Teams in our Standings will Qualify

-Winner will receive $100, and 2nd Place will Receive $40

Off Season

As you all you all know, the Season never ends, so the Off Season will commence again as soon as the Playoffs are complete.

E Mails and Pool Notifications will continue so it's your responsibility to keep up with your actions.

As usual, all your Off Season info can be found here at thelifetimepool.com

Coming Soon


-Lotto Draft Featuring: Sam, Silvio, Stan, and Chris

-Updated Off Season Rosters


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