2019 2020 Year End

Updated: Sep 29, 2020


What looked like one of the best 1st place races in the history of this pool, was interrupted by a once in a lifetime event. We will never know how this would have played out unfortunately, with positions changing by the day, it was an amazing race..

Congratulations to the winners, and I really feel that it was decided in the right way.

The Vote

After a crazy few months of uncertainty, I felt that this time was only fair to get all of us in on this, and Vote on how this Season would end.


2 Votes for Option 1 (Leave it as is and Corrado Wins)

7 Votes for Option 2 (Split the Winnings)

2 Votes for Option 3 (No Winnings and we use the money to pay for next season)

1 No Vote

2019/20 Winnings:

Corrado $446

Giorgio $446

TonyV $446

Lenny $60


(If Available)

For this year Only, and if the NHL goes through with the plan, we will have all teams participate in the Playoffs. As usual there will be a separate website I will set up for all of us to go too.

IR Positions

Now that the Season has officially ended we cannot have any Players on the IR Position. All teams must have a Standard Roster going into the Playoffs. No IR Spots are in use.

Expect an e mail of who you want to drop and free off your IR Spots on your Roster..

2020 Draft

All teams will remain as the final 2019 positions as we go into the 2020 Draft.

Off Season

As you all you all know, the Season never ends, so the Off Season will commence again as soon as the Playoffs are complete.

E Mails and Pool Notifications will continue, so it's your responsibility to keep up with your actions.

As usual, all your Off Season info can be found here at thelifetimepool.com

Hall Of Fame

This Years Hall will show all as Winners

2020 Lotto Draft

All the odds and players have been listed in the Lotto Section

Coming Soon

- Playoff Site

-Lotto Draft Featuring: Tony, Chris, Rob, and Stan

-Updated Off Season Rosters

-Aug 1st Trading


Keep Safe,


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