2017-18 Champion- Tony Visconti

Congratulations to Tony Visconti on his 2nd Title.

The race came down to the last month where Carlo and TonyV fought it out.

In the end Tony's team just turned on the jets, and there was no stoping it! Too much to handle as he wins his 2nd Lifetime Pool Title.

Year in Review

This year's Standings in our pool stood out with a few different scenarios that we haven't seen before.

-TonyZ finally falls out of the #1 spot as he still finishes with great year, but early Cap issues, forced a weaker Draft, which slipped him down too the 3rd Position.

-Silvio was one of the biggest improvements moving from a Lotto pick position last season to a solid 4th Place finish.

-How the mighty have fallen. Chris fell from 3rd in 2017 to a 10th place finish and enters into this years Lotto Draft. This is why the Lifetime Pool is vicious! You just never know how your players will preform year to year, or if your draft will set you back, or put you over the top..

-The story of the year though has to be Carlo, who led this years Pool 5 out of the 6 months, looking for his first Lifetime Title, falls in the last few weeks thanks to the resurgence of TonyV last month craziness, where his team just exploded at just the right time to take it!

-Finally, welcome Stan to year 1... Pulls himself out of the basement, and almost makes the Playoffs. Can't wait to see what's in store for this Team in 2018-19 with a full Season under his belt.


1st- Tony Visconti 840

2nd- Carlo Zambri 240

3rd- Tony Zambri 120

4th Silvio Mazzotta 60

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