Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats New?

-As usual, the fresh new look will inspire us to keep contact through the Off Season, - Lifetime Pool News: Keeps us updated with crucial information we need to know. - Sign in to have access to The Lifetime News Blog, Rosters, Members, and more. (Privacy should be a concern to us all, lets keep the good stuff between US) -Commenting on Blogs straight on the site. -Feature Blogs -Use the Members Page to make a Profile. (Picture, E Mails, Comment on Blogs etc - Hall Of Fame Page updated

Can I comment on a Blog?

Yes! Once you Log In, You can now reply to a Blog by commenting or liking.

Can I view through Mobile?

Of Course! -You can Download the Mobile View to receive Rosters, Draft Orders, Protected Lists etc. -The whole Website will be modified to show properly on a Smartphone to make it easy for quick access.

As a Member, do I have a Profile?

Yes! 1-You can Modify your Profile 2- Add a Photo to your profile to identify you 3- Modify your Profile to receieve all posted Blogs through E Mail to stay updated of Trades, Rules, Meetings etc. 4-Contact other Members from here 5- Follow other Members so you know when they are Commenting etc

Do I have to (Login/Sign up) to access Rosters, Blogs etc

Yes! Certain pages will remain private to us Members only so outside world cannot access.

How do I know Im signed in?

-You will know your Signed in when you see your name in the Members Page, -Or you will see your Profile Logo on the top part of any page of the website

How do I Log In or Sign Up?

-All you need to provide is your E mail and a Password of your choice. -I will accept you on my part, and your in! You can select Remember Me and stay signed in, and not need to worry about it again.

What if I forget my Password?

There is an Option to reset your Password, so no worries.

How Do I Receive E Mail Notifications Of News Updates

You can receive E Mail Notifications of News Posts and Manager Comments. As long as your logged in, all you do is just adjust Settings under your Profile to accept e mail notifications.